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9408 Congress Saint Exd
Trumansburg, NY, 14886
United States


Edible Acres is a permaculture nursery and food forest farm located in Trumansburg, NY.  Focused on perennial, hardy, useful, edible and resilient plants, we use low and no tech solutions to grow out hundreds of different types of plants for our community and beyond!  We're excited to share what we do with you!

American Persimmon

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Your order placed now will be collected, carefully packaged and shipped as bare root plants once they become dormant. Middle to later October is generally that window. We’ll email you shipping confirmation and tracking details as soon as it ships!

American Persimmon

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American Persimmon

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Diospyros Virginiana
American Persimmon is not the Persimmon most people are used to that you buy in the store…  Those are Asian Persimmons, which are larger, but the flavor is much weaker… A true American Persimmon is an absolutely stunning flavor that is rich, deep, sweet and complex.  A perfectly ripe Persimmmon from a quality tree can have a taste like caramel with hints of tangerine and heavy cream with a texture like a dense, rich custard.

Perhaps the most important aspect to this fruit is that it ripens around Thanksgiving!  In cold years, the trees are known to hold their fruit deep into the winter!  Imagine delicious, sweet, fresh fruit from your own trees in January!  

Incredibly hardy tree, easily adapts to all situations, can tolerate a lot of pressure from weeds and browse, drought and flood tolerant, and a beautiful tree… Incredibly worthwhile.  There are both males and females (unknown when 1st and 2nd year seedlings), so you need at least a few trees to be guaranteed fruit.  We offer a bundle of 4 well established 2nd year plants to get you going...

Trees you buy through Edible Acres are grown from seed from selected cultivar parents.  These parent trees are from Elwyn Meader of New Hampshire, plant breeder extraordinaire.  The fruits are large, rich and flavorful.  The trees we collect from have borne heavy crops of fruit every single year for the 8 years we've collected fruit and seed from them!  Amazing!

Can be between 30’ and 80’ tall depending on site.  Can be pruned or left alone.  Harvest of fruit is done by shaking tree, so it being tall doesn’t hinder harvest.

Site Preference:
Prefers full sun but can stand a wide range of environments.

Zone 5 (most likely colder... Our friend in Vermont is now growing seedlings of our trees and they are handling his solidly zone 4 situation)

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Here is a great intro video made by the folks at Oikos Tree Crops.