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9408 Congress Saint Exd
Trumansburg, NY, 14886
United States


Edible Acres is a 6 acre permaculture nursery and food forest farm located in Trumansburg, NY.  Focused on perennial, hardy, useful, edible and resilient plants, we use low and no tech solutions to grow out hundreds of different plants for our community!  We're excited to share what we do with you!

Carpathian Walnut

Plants for Spring 2017 Shipping or Local Pickup

Deadline for orders to be shipped SPRING 2017 is March 15th (orders placed after this date may need to be shipped in the FALL depending on dormancy)

All orders placed where shipping is requested will be packaged and sent in early spring of 2017, as soon as the ground has thawed and timing is appropriate for our region.  This is usually March through early April.  Email with any questions you may have and thank you for your interest in our permaculture plants!

Carpathian Walnut


Carpathian Walnut

from 15.00

Juglans Regia
Most of us are familiar with the Black Walnut of our region… It has a bad wrap as putting out toxic compounds that hurt other plants and has a nut that is nearly impossible to access… The Carpathian Walnut, on the other hand, is the ‘English Walnut’ we are familiar with and love that you can buy at the store.  Easy to crack, huge amounts of nut meat, incredibly tasty.  These trees are grown out from parentage sourced in Niagra County NY.  The nuts can be cracked bare handed (with strong hands)!  Full, fresh, satisfying, rich nuts abound from this hardy and stately tree.  All this and without the juglone (or at least very little), the compound that inhibits the growth of other plants.  Great way to enjoy nourishing and satisfying nuts throughout the winter, if you can get them before the squirrels!

Will reach a height and width of 65’ in an open sunny position.

Site Preference:
Enjoys full sun and deep rich soil.

Zone 5

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