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Trumansburg, NY, 14886
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Edible Acres is a permaculture nursery and food forest farm located in Trumansburg, NY.  Focused on perennial, hardy, useful, edible and resilient plants, we use low and no tech solutions to grow out hundreds of different types of plants for our community and beyond!  We're excited to share what we do with you!

Prickly Pear Cactus (Eastern)

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Your order placed now will be collected, carefully packaged and shipped as bare root plants once they become dormant. Middle to later October is generally that window. We’ll email you shipping confirmation and tracking details as soon as it ships!

Prickly Pear Cactus (Eastern)

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Prickly Pear Cactus (Eastern)


Opuntia Humufusa
Cactus… Wait, isn’t this a nursery in New York state? Doesn’t it get colder than -20F at Edible Acres? Then how is it possible we’re offering a cactus that makes beautiful, edible fruits and amazing, hardy pads? Because the Prickly Pear cactus is a truly powerful and incredibly cold hardy cactus!

We grow out Eastern Prickly Pear with absolutely no protection, they are right out in the garden with everyone else, and they have survived the coldest winters we’ve had. This variety should be hardy to -30F. Their flowers are large, golden and quite beautiful. They form small but very beautiful red fruits that persist through the winter as well. We’ve eaten bright red fruits in the middle of winter, cracking them off through the snow!

Word of caution: they don’t have ‘thorns’ but rather Glochids ( ) that can be quite irritating, so handling these beautiful creatures with gloves is a must.

Propagation is incredibly easy… You’d take the ‘pads’ you get and simply bury the butt end slightly in the soil. They root readily without much fuss. In fact, simply laying a pad on the ground will generally result in it rooting over time. You can pot them up and keep them indoors, if thats your preference.

These cactus tend to stay somewhat low, 6” or so in height, and spreading. In prime conditions the pads can ‘stack’ to be over 1’ tall but not much more.

Site Preference:
Full sun, well drained soils. Can grow in rocks, but wouldn’t mind some nice organic matter in the mix!

Zone 5 or even a little colder

Your order will provide you with 2 large ‘pads’ you can simply bury the bottom of into the soil slightly, or 3 smaller pads. They can be easily established directly in the garden fall or spring or potted up and kept indoors for the winter for the first season to really get strong. Either way should work just fine.

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