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9386 Congress Street Ext
Trumansburg, NY, 14886
United States


Edible Acres is a permaculture nursery and food forest farm located in Trumansburg, NY.  Focused on perennial, hardy, useful, edible and resilient plants, we use low and no tech solutions to grow out hundreds of different types of plants for our community and beyond!  We're excited to share what we do with you!


Sunday Plant Sale - 10am to 4pm

Sean Dembrosky

This Sunday - May 29th - 10am to 4pm
9408 Congress Street Extension, Trumansburg

Edible Acres open house and plant sale!  We went large in potting up lots of great plants this spring and still have a wide selection of all the layers of a perennial food forest.  Low ground covers up to canopy trees and everything in between.  All super hardy, perennial, useful, and ready to go home with you to add beauty and resiliency to your land!

Come on out to see mid-spring in full swing at our 6 acre permaculture food forest nursery!  Take a wander through the woods, see the new projects happening including the first sketches of what will become a 'U-Pick / U-Plant' orchard-nursery in the near future.  Exciting things happening! 

Carpooling strongly encouraged!

Western Sand Cherry in full flower!

Western Sand Cherry in full flower!

Good King Henry (perennial spinach) getting ready to be lunch.

Good King Henry (perennial spinach) getting ready to be lunch.

Beautiful little clove currant flowers blooming.

Beautiful little clove currant flowers blooming.

Plant Sale - Saturday May 7th 10am to 4pm

Sean Dembrosky

Come on out for our spring plant sale!  
This Saturday May 7th from 10am until 4pm.
9408 Congress Street Extension, Trumansburg

 See tons of beautiful early season perennial veggies, herbs and plants waking up and looking beautiful.  Wander around Edible Acres and see our future U-Pick minor fruit orchard getting started, the gardens evolving and expanding and tons and tons of potted plants available.   Lots of U-Pick shiitake mushrooms fruiting and ready to eat, not to mention our beautiful shiitake mushroom logs for you to bring home and grow your own!  Literally all the layers of a food forest are available for you to plant where you live!

We'll also have our last chance sales of bare root trees on Saturday...  Carpathian Walnut, Heartnut, Hybrid Chestnut, Schuttes White Oak, American Plum, Blue False Indigo Bush, White Pine... All available in numbers and discounted because they haven't been potted yet...  Photos below...

Beautiful American Plum seedlings ready to be planted out with minimal fuss.

Locally sourced heartnut seedlings with massive roots ready for the big world!

People are STRONGLY encouraged to carpool to this and all Edible Acres events.  We have limited parking and it's soooo important to be thoughtful on how we use fuel!  Follow this link to make it easy as pie...

Check out a walking tour of what you can find on Saturday...

First Spring Plant Sale - Sat. April 2nd

Sean Dembrosky

Plant Sale and Open House
Saturday April 2nd from 10am to 4pm

at Edible Acres - 9408 Congress Street Ext, Trumansburg

Welcome spring with a walk around your local permaculture nursery!  See a wide range of hearty perennial vegetables peeking out of the soil to greet the season.  Nibble on delicious, nutrient dense spring greens and see what a high density, high diversity food forest looks like at a time of year when annual gardening is barely waking up.

We'll have a huge array of plants available in bare root form, lower cost than later in the season when things are potted up.  It's a great chance to pick up a bunch of trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, and so much more to fill your food forest with resilient goodies.  

You can buy things in advance to reserve them, and pick them up that day, or come and wander and see what amazing things can fit with your land and goals.

Do you know some/all the things you want already?  Want to save 10% when you come on Saturday?!  Email a 'wishlist', and let me know what time you are planning to arrive and your plants will be ready, waiting, and at a discount for making life easier for me!!!  I will respond to your email with a quote including discount so you know how much to expect to pay...

For example:
3 Persimmons seedlings
5 Chestnuts
4 Sea Kale

Email me before Friday to get your plants readied and discounted!

Also, STRONGLY encourage folks to check out This Very Easy Way to Organize Carpooling.  If you carpool with 3 or more people, let me know when you arrive and you'll get a free gift of something planty and good!

Mark your calendars and plan to come out for a unique nursery experience!


Mushroom Inoculation Workshop March 27th...

Sean Dembrosky

Interested in growing Shiitake mushrooms at home?  Come out to Edible Acres Sunday, March 27th from 12pm to 3pm for complete, hands on training!  You'll come home with your own Shiitake log ($20 value) as well as a burlap bag filled with Wine Cap inoculant ($10 value).  

You'll see the 'professional' style most commercial log growers use, and learn how to use all the tools and steps involved.   You'll also see very low cost, low tech systems like totem inoculation that you can do at home without anything but a chainsaw (or even a hand saw!).  You'll come away with all the information you need to start growing mushrooms for you and your loved ones!  All for $40 (sliding scale available, if this is too much, please contact us to figure out a rate that works)  

Pre-registration is required and we have to cap participants at 15 so everyone can engage fully...

Register - ( $40 )

Carpooling is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!!!  Cars with 3 or more participants get FREE STUFF!!!  Use this link to make it super easy to offer a ride or get a ride

Wine Cap spawn growing like crazy on burlap and woodchips, ready to leap into your garden soil!

Totem Inoculation of Lions Mane on Big Tooth Aspen.  Low tech, easy to do at home method for growing a variety of mushrooms

Edible Acres Gift Cards

Sean Dembrosky

Great last minute gift... 
Do you have loved ones who enjoy eating food?  
Perhaps they even enjoy growing their own super healthy food in their own backyard?  
Do you like the idea of supporting a local business that uses recycled and repurposed materials, beyond organic practices and strives to get as many long lived hardy, edible plants into the community as possible?  

Heres an idea... Get your loved ones gift certificates to Edible Acres!  Treat them to the gift of growing their own hardy, useful, edible, perennial plants or mushroom logs.  Or maybe they'll want to use the card to get design or consultation services on their site!  They can redeem it as they please, and your investment goes directly to a tiny, local business operating on a shoe string.  Win WIN!


Support your local permaculture nursery and get a gift that can truly keep on giving!

You can buy through the website, or feel free to call 607.342.4953 or email today to make arrangements that work for you!

Unique, beautiful gift cards hand made by Sasha!  Each one hand made.

Unique, beautiful gift cards hand made by Sasha!  Each one hand made.

Hand made and ready for you to fill out with your details!

Hand made and ready for you to fill out with your details!

Thanks so much for your interest in what we do!  Happy Holidays and happy planting!

Fall Propagation Workshop at CCE - Tues Oct 13th 6:30

Sean Dembrosky

Fall Propagation of Fruit and Nut Trees
Tuesday October 13, 6:30-8:30 pm
CCE Tompkins, 615 Willow Avenue Ithaca

Cost: $5-$10 sliding scale

Start planning your edible food forest this fall! Sean Dembrosky of Edible Acres will demonstrate techniques for propagating edible tree species, such as stratifying seeds of a variety of fruit and nut trees and striking cuttings from fruit bushes. Ripe paw paws from Cornell's orchard will be available to taste, and participants will learn how to propagate their own paw paw trees from the seeds they take home. Participants will also learn to make cuttings of currant and jostaberry bushes and to propagate nut trees such as hazelnut from seed, and can also take home these propagation materials for their own gardens and homesteads.

Please register in advance so we have enough supplies for all participants. Click here to register online. You can also call 272-2292 to register by phone, or email Chrys Gardener to register by email. For more information go to

Plant Sale and Open House - This Sunday 8/30 10am to 4pm

Sean Dembrosky

Edible Acres is happy to announce a late summer open house and plant sale / shiitake log sale.  We still have a ton of potted plants that are really hoping to find their forever homes as we move closer to fall.  Come on out to scoop up some great Elderberries, Currants, Grapes, Carpathian Walnuts, Hazelnuts, perennial veggies and herbs/medicines and a lot more.  At this time of year we just want to find homes for things so come with your haggle jacket on and make some great deals happen for yourself!

Our gardens and nursery production beds will be open for wandering and exploring.  Depending on how many people come and how busy we are, there can be great opportunities to ask questions, get ideas, and share notes.  

Lastly, please remember as we move into fall that Edible Acres is proud to offer consultation / design / support in your goals of making the place you live as edible as possible!  Please let us know how we can help!

2nd Annual Finger Lakes Permaculture Tour! - Sat. Aug 22!

Sean Dembrosky

Open up your Saturday the 22nd for a day full of amazing projects, farms, and meeting great people involved in permaculture work in our area!  Edible Acres will be offering guided tours and and open house from 1pm to 4pm, and there are many other amazing sites to fit in for the day, with a fun reception at the Good Life Farm at 5pm!  Details available here...

We hope to see you!  We'll have potted plants available as well as shiitake mushroom logs ready to fruit available for sale to help you on your own path.

Plant Sale - This Sunday (6/28) 10am - 4pm! - Fruit tasting too!

Sean Dembrosky

Come out this Sunday from 10am to 4pm to Edible Acres to see a permaculture food forest in mid-summer swing.  Currants, early raspberries, jostaberries, sweet cicely seeds, serviceberry and lots more are ripening up and providing perennial abundance.  Interesting flavors, medicinals, and more are all showing their colors right now...  Come sample some of the amazing things you can grow in your own garden and pick up some mid-season plants to get things going!  Our plants are hoping to find their forever homes as we get deeper into summer, so come on out and see what can fit where you live!

Plant Sale and Walking/Tasting Tour - This Sunday 5/31!

Sean Dembrosky

Please join us at Edible Acres this upcoming Sunday, May 31st from 10am to 4pm to pick up some of your favorite new plants and have a chance to see a highly diverse, resilient and densely planted perennial food and medicine system in action.

We'll have tons of Elderberries, Currants, Jostaberries, Cranberries, a wide selection of perennial vegetables, hardy and useful trees and much more available.  All potted in our home made, ethical mix of locally sourced compost materials, waste wood chips and home made biochar.  You get an ecosystem in your pot!

We'd love to have you wander the demonstration gardens, ask tons of questions, and get a chance to taste some of the interesting perennial veggies and snacks available this early in the growing season.

Please come on out, support your local permaculture nursery and head home with some amazing new plants to grow and learn about!

9408 Congress Street Extension, Trumansburg, NY: