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Edible Acres is a permaculture nursery and food forest farm located in Trumansburg, NY.  Focused on perennial, hardy, useful, edible and resilient plants, we use low and no tech solutions to grow out hundreds of different types of plants for our community and beyond!  We're excited to share what we do with you!


Plants for Fall 2019 Shipping

Your order placed now will be collected, carefully packaged and shipped as bare root plants as soon as we enter dormancy this fall. This normally begins mid to late October and into early November. We’ll email you shipping confirmation and tracking details as soon as they ship! Since our nursery is outdoors and based on nature our timing is dependent on the weather.

TIP: Use the tags above to help filter our offerings by characteristic (ie. click on ‘fruit’ to find any fruit bearing plants we offer, etc.) As we add more and more it is a helpful way to find a plant to fit your goals…




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Sambucus (nigra and canadensis)
Elderberry is a very exciting plant for us.  It puts on some of the most stunning growth in a good year.  Quite possibly the fastest growing plant we have.  We've seen 8-10 feet of growth in a season, after pruning the plants back thoroughly at the end of winter.  They offer incredible habitat, food, medicine, nutrients and shelter for birds, bees and others.  Their profuse, flat, shallow flowers make for a perfect nectar source for wide range of pollinators and beneficial insects.  They can form potent visual barriers, nutrient absorption plantings and can handle periodic flooding and high water tables that challenge most other plants.  Oh yeah, and they make massive amounts of fruit that is medicine!  The market and interest in Elderberry products seems to be growing rapidly, so this plant can also make a valuable addition to a young farms business plans.
They are also one of the easiest plants to propagate, simply taking a pruned branch and pushing it into soft soil (ideally in the fall but works just fine in spring, too), they will root and grow into copies of the original plant.  Scroll to bottom for a video showing how simply it can be done!

We're offering a few named cultivars as rooted plants as well as low cost cuttings you can propagate yourself.  We encourage you to research each type to get more detail, but here is a snippet of what each type is about:

'Marge' - European elderberry (fruits on 2nd year wood).  Incredibly vigorous, fast growing, has large, sweet and very medicinal fruits. Considered a self-fertile type from our research.

'Ranch' - American type with a compact habit getting to about 6' or so for easy picking.  Incredibly productive on 1st year wood. Unique foliage and dense habitat makes this a unique type for sure.

'York' - Standard excellent producer, gets large and needs friends for best pollination.

'Scotia' - Beast of a grower, to 12' and makes large, excellent quality fruit considered one of the more sweet and large fruits.  

‘Johns’ - Nice standard production type. We find it to be quite vigorous and interested in suckering/spreading which can be a very positive attribute if you want your elders to fill out more space.

‘Adams’ - Productive and vigorous. Adams can be a strong pollinator for other types of American Elderberry.

The cuttings bundle we offer will have an assortment of 10 ready to root cuttings of a mix of the following varieties... Scotia, Wyldewood, Johns, York, Marge, Ranch, and quality wild select elderberry.  You can request specific cuttings or we will bundle a mix based on what we have available, with at least 3 varieties represented for excellent production in your garden!  We send you cuttings of the same or higher quality than what we use for our nursery. Named/Tagged varieties available upon request. Otherwise we’ll provide you a healthy ‘medley’ that will group pollinate quite well. Scroll down to see a video showing just how easy this process can be!

If you are looking for specific types of elder in cuttings form, we offer that as well. 10+ cuttings packs of specific varieties are available. Please be aware that planting out just one variety may result in limited fruit set.

Looking to get going with a small elder orchard sooner than later? Look at our super cuttings bundle. For $50 we’ll send you at least 30 (closer to 40+) cuttings of a wide mix of our best varieties. Properly cared for this option can become a serious elderberry orchard in just a few years!

Different varieties have different sizes.  In general you can expect plants to reach between 6' and 12'.  Ranch is shortest and Scotia is biggest based on our experience. All varieties are manageable with pruning.

Site Preference:
Seems to like a lot of sun, but can do well in the partial shade as well.  Will enjoy richness in soil and ideally a moist position.  Pond and stream edges in rich muck are their happiest place! We’ve also found that so far Elderberries can live under our Black Walnut trees and still seem to thrive and be happy.

Zone 4, perhaps even zone 3

Rooted plant or cuttings?:
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Very simple video below showing how we propagate Elderberries from hardwood cuttings in the fall.  Works just as well in the spring.  If you purchase hardwood cutting bundles from us you'll be able to do this just as easily!