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9386 Congress Street Ext
Trumansburg, NY, 14886
United States


Edible Acres is a permaculture nursery and food forest farm located in Trumansburg, NY.  Focused on perennial, hardy, useful, edible and resilient plants, we use low and no tech solutions to grow out hundreds of different types of plants for our community and beyond!  We're excited to share what we do with you!


Follow Edible Acres projects, experiments, successes, failures and ideas!  We're excited to share what works and what doesn't here!

Garlic Harvest 2016

Sean Dembrosky

Garlic harvest is in for the 2016 season, hanging in a friends barn to dry down a bit and then some will go for storage but the vast majority for a HUGE expansion of planting this fall.  3000+ beautiful heads out of about 10 different beds, some in the hedgerow edges, some in big open field.  

Not a drop of irrigation was provided to this crop this year.  It is significant that during this historic drought year for our region that I got any garlic at all, let alone a surprisingly happy and large headed bunch!

Most certainly a very important reminder on how critical it is to be generous with mulch.  As drought conditions deepened through June I revisited the main field production bed twice with old straw from a hedgerow.  Two full truckloads.  That straw I believe saved the crop and allowed bulb development to really happen.  

Edible Acres is ramping up its garlic so that next year we'll be able to offer certified organic, locally grown, never irrigated, super resilient garlic for folks to plant out!

Initial pull of garlics, letting them get some drying and sun time on them before they are bundled and hung.


Sean Dembrosky

After a few years of having a website, we're finally getting to a place to carve out the time to more thoroughly document whats happening in the Edible Acres realms.  Tons of fun experiments and projects happen throughout the year and for your sake and ours its time to document them a bit more.  Please check back here to see some behind the scenes images, videos, ideas and more and feel free to interact with us.  Ask questions, give feedback, let us know what you think!  Expect some content here in the days to come...