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9386 Congress Street Ext
Trumansburg, NY, 14886
United States


Edible Acres is a permaculture nursery and food forest farm located in Trumansburg, NY.  Focused on perennial, hardy, useful, edible and resilient plants, we use low and no tech solutions to grow out hundreds of different types of plants for our community and beyond!  We're excited to share what we do with you!


Saturday AND Sunday bare root sale!

Sean Dembrosky

fuki flower.jpg

What a long winter!  Feeling like spring is just starting to come around, and many of our wide selection of super hardy, perennial, food bearing plants are waking up thinking about leafing out.  Its time to find their forever homes as bare root plants.  To that end, Edible Acres is offering a 2 day sale this upcoming weekend...

Saturday 4/21 from 10am to 4pm AND
Sunday 4/22 from 10am to 4pm
at Edible Acres
(9408 Congress Street Extension, Trumansburg)

We'll have a wide selection of many layers of an edible food forest ready to go home with you!  We're asking that folks take time to pre-order if possible to help us organize and expedite the day... ( )  Pre-Orders can hop to the front of the line!

Sunday from 1pm onward we'll be offering deep discounts on bare root plants to help find them homes while they are still dormant.  You can put on your bargain hat and make us some offers! :)  We are planning to NOT pot up plants for sale throughout the summer and hope to finish sales this weekend for our physical health and the plants well being!

Any cars filled with people carpooling will get FREE PLANTS!!! Somehow almost no one ever takes us up on this incredibly good deal, so WHY NOT GET FREE PLANTS!!!  Here is how to make it easy:

Also, please check out - our 'brother' nursery down in Spencer.  They will be having a beautiful bare root plant sale this upcoming weekend too!  Visit both places and get Oh So Many Plants!

Saturday 4/14 Plant Sale 10am to 4pm

Sean Dembrosky

Welcome back spring!  We're excited to be hosting our 1st bare root plant sale of the season!

Saturday, April 14th from 10am to 4pm
at Edible Acres

9408 Congress Street Extension, Trumansburg

We'll have many bare root trees, shrubs, vines, herbaceous plants available.  As bare root plants, we can offer very reasonable prices compared to potted plants later in the season (plus, we are most likely not potting up plants this year!!!)

This year, we've created a form you can review and fill out in advance to reserve plants and help us collect your order in an efficient way.  We'd love for you to check it out... ( if you want the link)

Please feel free to call 607-342-4953 (sean) with any questions in advance or email 

Carpooling... PLEASE CARPOOL!  Wonderful way to make new friends, save some money on gas and consume less.  That, and we have limited parking along the spring soft soils along our road.  We will also be offering bonus 'thank you' plants to full cars and nearly-full cars!  Please make the effort... - this link makes it incredibly easy.


Sunday 7/9 Plant Sale 10am to 4pm

Sean Dembrosky

THIS Sunday 7/9 from 10am to 4pm...

Edible Acres will be hosting an open house and BIG CLEARANCE potted plant sale.  All plants between 25% and 50% off!  With all the rain we've had, it's still a wonderful time to get plants in the ground and start your food forest now!  Buy over $100 worth of plants and get a whole bunch of free plants!  We're really hoping to find homes for everyone this Sunday!  Come make us an offer on things and we'll say yes! :)

9408 Congress Street Extension, Trumansburg   607-342-4953

Carpool!  SOOO easy to set up, no login, chance to meet new friends, save money and not waste gas!!

Summer Plant Sale - Saturday 6/24 10am to 4pm

Sean Dembrosky

Edible Acres is hosting an open house and summer plant clearance sale this Saturday.  We still have a very wide selection of great looking plants that need to find homes!  We'll have great deals on all our super hardy perennial plants, including:

Buy 4 plants get a 5th for free!
Buy 8 plants and 3 free plants!

We'll have mulberries, hardy kiwis, hazelnuts, grapes, currants, chestnuts, persimmon, paw paw, herbs and a LOT more!!!

9408 Congress Street Extension, Trumansburg

Carpool link to save gas and meet new folks!


Plant Sale - Saturday 5/6 - 10am to 4pm

Sean Dembrosky

Edible Acres is hosting its first potted plant sale of the season!

This upcoming Saturday from 10am until 4pm at Edible Acres (9408 Congress Street Extension Trumansburg) there will be an open house and plant sale.  We'd hope you can make it!  Come wander around our 8 year old food forest and see all the flowers and plants doing their wonderful things!

We're still hard at work potting up the last of the plants getting ready for the sale but have a very wide selection of plants ready for you to take home.  From the tallest trees to low herbaceous companions, you can find all layers of a food forest that have been tested hardy to our area.

Our potted plants use only reclaimed and recycled plastic and we create our own custom potting mix using locally harvested resources and bartered elements.  Our plants really thrive in it and should for you too!

If you are looking for special types of plants specifically, please don't hesitate to email to be sure we'll have it in stock before you drive up...

Please try to carpool to this... here is a super easy link to make it happen.  Any cars that come full of people will get a free gift!

Spring Plant Sale - Saturday AND SUNDAY April 8th and 9th 10am to 4pm!

Sean Dembrosky

NOTICE!  We're extending the sale to both Saturday AND SUNDAY APRIL 9th 10am to 4pm!!!

Welcome back spring by planting hardy, well adapted, beautiful, edible/medicinal/soil building perennial plants!!!  What better way to start the growing season than to get long lived allies settled into your home landscape!

Edible Acres is excited to host our first of the season plant sale this upcoming Saturday, April 8th from 10am to 4pm and SUNDAY APRIL 9th 10am to 4pm!!!

You'll find a very diverse selection of perennial permaculture plants that can fill in all layers of the food forest guild.  Take a wander around the nursery and see food forest concepts 8 years in the making.  Ask questions and share ideas and challenges about your site, we'll try to offer suggestions and solutions that may be helpful.

From the tiny ground covers to the tallest trees, we've got plants that can almost certainly fit in well with your site and your hopes.

We'll also have shiitake mushroom logs, garden infrastructure support materials and more!

9408 Congress Street Extension, Trumansburg

Easy carpool organizing website - PLEASE try to carpool to this, its so much easier than you think to offer or catch a ride...

We'll plan to offer hopefully two more (or more?) bare root plant sales this spring, and then a number of potted plant sales as the season warms.  Hoping to see you this upcoming Saturday or Sunday and throughout the season!

Winter Garden Design and Development - Sat Dec. 10th 10-12pm

Sean Dembrosky

Edible Acres will be hosting a workshop Saturday, December 10th from 10am to 12pm to get deep into winter gardening...  Winter gardening!?  YES!  You can do a tremendous amount this time of year to build raised beds, build soil health, enhance water movement and retention and set things up for a much more productive spring season.  In this two hour session we will talk about and look at the following concepts in action...

  • Hugelkulture - Making beautiful raised beds with wood and soil

  • Biochar - Converting twigs, sticks and debris into super soils

  • Water in the landscape - Hand dug ponds, swales, ditches...

  • Sheet mulching - Using free resources to reduce weeds and build soils

  • Soil life building - Techniques for building super soils

  • Protection and Defense - Ideas and strategies for deflecting / defending from animals

  • Cover Cropping - Saving seed and keeping soil covered and alive

We certainly will touch on other ideas as well during this in-depth walking tour.  Depending on numbers of people and weather conditions we may be able to do some hands on bed building / transplanting / mulching as well.  The goal will be for people to leave feeling ready and empowered to move their vision forward this winter so the possibilities for the 2017 growing season can expand!

We will finish the session with hot tea (we're planning for both home grown herbal tea as well as deeply nourishing hickory and maple syrup brew) and home made cookies and a chance to chat and share ideas.  Please check weather conditions before you come and dress appropriately for 2 hours of walking and exploring outdoors.

Pre-Registration is required as we have limited space for this...  Sliding scale available, you decide what you pay...

Register Here

Carpooling is incredibly important.  Here is a link that makes it super super easy... - Please use this link and offer a carpool or join one.  There will be an email reminder before the event.  Full cars will be offered plant credit or another gift as a thank you for doing whats right!

Grow Where You Live - Sunday Sept 25th 10am to 1pm

Sean Dembrosky

Please join us for a 3 hour in-depth tour and training session focused on growing a tremendous amount of food on a small amount of land.  This will take place at "Edible Acres Too", our private residence and home at 1175 Ellis Hollow road just a few miles east of downtown Ithaca (details and parking instructions provided to registrants via email)

We've been establishing intensive garden production spaces, high tunnels and other season extension tools, a chicken yard for fresh eggs and much more for just three years on this property and are excited to share with you our process.  The goal of this session will be to help you feel very empowered and equipped to take our low cost, low tech, and easy to implement techniques home with you for your own tiny backyard or chunk of land.

We will cover:
- Establishing and refining deep, fertile, beautiful raised beds that cost little to nothing to build
- Our 25 chicken operation that uses food scraps and waste grain and generates massive amounts of compost
- Our high tunnel, cold frames and bed hoops for deep season extension
- Basic techniques for saving seed and propagating
- How to maximize production of food in small spaces
- Design and use of rain water collection for 100% of garden and chicken needs (even in drought!)
- Human scale techniques for building huge amounts of organic matter and rich soils
- and a whole lot more!

This workshop costs $50 and includes an incredible home cooked meal made almost entirely from foods and herbs from our gardens to celebrate what it means to grow where you live!  People on fixed income, food stamps and/or medicaid pay sliding scale $20-$40, or contact to explain why you need to come for free or for barter and we'll be happy to work it out with you... Please don't feel too shy to ask!

SORRY, WE'RE ALL FULL...  Please check out our future events and be sure to register early since we've been filling up!

Space is limited so register early.  
Carpooling is incredibly important.  We expect everyone who registers to at least try to carpool.  Gas is no joke!  Please use this link to make it very easy...

Rainwater Harvesting Workshop - Sunday August 7th 12pm to 3pm

Sean Dembrosky

What a summer!  Historic drought, soil baked and dry, very challenging.  Now, finally, some rains are coming, but they aren't enough to soak deeply back in yet.  Unless you have rain collection involved in your landscape to absorb and distribute...

Here at Edible Acres, we're proud to be committed to running the farm exclusively on rain water.  That's right, we haven't touched a well in 8 years of home gardening, nursery and propagation work, and expanding production over multiple acres!

If a nursery business can depend on rain water as its sole operating model, you can absolutely have it help supplement or even replace your well or city water demands for your gardening.

Lets show you how!

Come out to Edible Acres this upcoming Sunday, August 7th, from 12pm to 3pm for an in-depth tour and discussion on all the various low cost, low tech, easy to replicate and source solutions in play.  

We'll cover:
- Basic concepts of placement of containers
- Where to look and source 55gal drums as well as 275IBC totes
- Components and fittings / connectors / hoses and how to find them for very low cost
- Techniques for designing thoughtful overflow systems to send bonus water into the landscape
- Ways to connect multiple containers in series for huge storage
- Farming techniques that compliment the realities of turbulent growing seasons
- I'm sure much more!

COST: $20 to $30 sliding scale.  Limited spaces available so register in advance:


Email me with any questions:

PLEASE CARPOOL... PLEASE PLEASE!  Here is an incredibly easy way to do it - You come with 3 or more people in your car, you get a FREE PLANT! (Black Currant, Burr Oak, Chestnut, Serviceberry and more to choose from)

Summer Blow-Out Sale! - this Saturday July 2nd 10am to 4pm

Sean Dembrosky

This Saturday, 10am to 4pm, Edible Acres will be having a summer blowout sale on all potted plants.  We've got a great selection of all 7 layers of resilient and tasty food forests looking to find their forever homes.  The more you plants you buy the more free plants you get!

We've had a hot and dry summer so far and these plants are really ready to get into their final homes.  We've been planting tons of potted plants out and can share tips and techniques on how to get amazing results with them during this dry time.  These plants will thrive once they are in the ground!  Also available are shiitake mushroom logs and more.  Come on out and see us this Saturday!

Edible Acres address is:
9408 Congress Street Extension
Trumansburg, NY 14886

Carpool with friends or new friends and get free plants! (let us know when you arrive that you carpooled)

You can get a sense of what is available when you come from this video (3 minutes or so):